Our Trip To Colorado, 2019

A couple weeks ago Chantal and I got the opportunity to head to Colorado for a couple days to hangout with Michael from Unvael. He took some photo’s of me for the upcoming issue of Unvael, and promo photo’s in general for the new album. If you’ve seen his photo’s you’ll see why I was excited by it, he’s got a very specific style that’s beautiful.

We spent about half a day with him, exploring some super cool areas, as he showed us around, and then we were free for an extra day to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park near Boulder.

We drove around the national park at first, and arrived at a trail that lead to a lake called Cub Lake, all in all I think the hike was about 7 Miles.

The Photo to the side was part of that hike. Apparently to get rid of the fallen trees and debris from the past year, the workers who take care of the park burn a lot of it in the winter which causes some of the surrounding trees to get chard. I’m not sure if that was the case with these trees, but it was interesting to see burned trees in contrast with the often lush mountain side.

The photos above and to the side are two similar photos that I got while we were on the hike.

After the hike we slowly drove our way up Trail Ridge Road which is one of the highest roads in the U.S (I think it goes up past 12,000 feet), we had gone up the road the day before with Michael, and knew we had to go back, it was extremely beautiful. We got these next two photo’s there, among others. Will probably use the bottom one as a promo photo or something.

Finally on our way back through Estes Park we snapped this photo of Lake Estes, and apparently the white house on the left is the one they based the hotel from The Shinning on (you should be able to click to enlarge any of the photo’s). This was one of my favourite photo’s of the trip.

That was the whole trip, unfortunately we were only really there for two days, I’d recommend going for much longer, there’s a lot of ground to cover in Rocky Mountain National Park.